Natural Beauty Hacks

coconut oil

Why Choose Natural Products?

Reasons people including myself prefer to use natural beauty products : 

Mainstream products contain harsh chemicals and toxins which can irritate the skin and disrupt the hormones linked to birth defects, sperm damage, and infertility. Phthalates in beauty care products not only pollute our water but also affects the reproductive health of the fish population. 

Over time who knows the real extent of damage, these chemicals do to our bodies. It seems logical to protect our largest organ by using products that are free from these chemicals and that also protect our environment.

A really good source to read more about what chemicals are in mainstream beauty products is over at safe cosmetics

Beauty Hacks To Try

Use the lemon peel to remove nail polish stains from nails

Rub eyebrows with an ice cube to numb before plucking for less pain

Add a few drops of saline solution to mascara to make it last much longer

Use Shea butter or coconut oil as shaving foam

Soak nail tips in lemon juice for whiter nails

Use coconut oil as a make-up remover

Add some baking powder to your toothbrush while brushing for whiter teeth

Rub castor oil on lashes and eyebrows for healthy growth

Use coconut or olive oil on split ends and dry scalp

Use a blend of sea salt and olive oil to make your own body scrub

Natural Alternatives

Papaya benefits


Reduces Inflammation 


Reduce unwanted hair

Brighten and lighten the skin

Reduce wrinkles

Protect skin against damage

Aloe Vera benefits




Contains Vitamin A and C

Healing for skin irritations

Reduce infection

Boost the healing process

Coconut benefits




Helps reduce Inflammation

Protection from bacteria

Promotes healing

Keeps skin hydrated

Honey Benefits


Great for Acne


Promotes Healing

Draws out unwanted moisture from the skin

Adds a natural glow 

Lightens scars

Amazing Coconut oil

Hands down Coconut oil has to be my favourite and most used natural product ever, I use it for everything.

It is so versatile yet inexpensive.

The best type of coconut oil to use is unrefined organic as this type is where all the benefits and amazing fragrances are.

The highly resistant nature of coconut oil to oxidative rancidity is because of its high concentration of saturated fat and low unsaturated fatty acids. This makes it suitable to store safely without it turning bad.

The fats present in coconut oil are in the form of MCT’S – Medium-chain Trglecerides, which our bodies find easier to absorb and can convert into energy.

MCTs consist of:

Lauric acid which is a beneficial fat, great for immune system function.

Caprylic acid gives the oil its antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits.

Capric acid converts to monocaprin in our bodies and has immune-boosting antimicrobial properties.


  1. Leave-in conditioner
  2. Oil pulling (Ayurvedic method for cleaning/whitening teeth)
  3. Helps eyebrows/eyelashes grow
  4. Makeup remover
  5. Face mask
  6. As a toothpaste
  7. Body lotion
  8. Prevent hair loss
  9. Bath oil
  10. Cooking/Vegan spread
  11. Nail conditioner
  12. Foot soak
  13. Eczema relief
  14. Insect repellant
  15. Massage oil
  16. Lip balm
  17. Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
  18. Baby nappy cream
  19. Soothe Baby cradle cap
  20. Natural deodorant
  21. Make energy balls
  22. Removes leftover wax after waxing
  23. Shaving
  24. Buff up shoes
  25. Soothe sore throat 
  26. Natural tanning oil
  27. Pet paws
  28. Make homemade soap
  29. Help with weight loss (add to smoothies/herbal tea)
  30. Cracked heels
  31. Clean Makeup brushes
  32. Soothe sunburn
  33. Condition furniture
  34. Lubricant
  35. Kill yeast infections
  36. Great to apply after a tattoo
  37. Acid Reflux
  38. Nose bleed prevention
  39. Remove crayon marks off walls
  40. Clean old tools

DIY Face Masks

For Very Dry Skin/Coconut Milk

Grate some Coconut, then squeeze out all the lovely milk.

Apply to your face, let it work its magic for 20 mins before rinsing off.

The milk will Moisturise your face and provide you with lots of vitamins and minerals.

For Acne & Blemishes/Baking Soda-Lemon-Olive Oil

(Use this only for a week or until your face looks clearer, any longer and it will be too harsh as lemon can lighten the skin)

 (if you have sensitive skin do a patch test beforehand)

1 tablespoon of Baking Soda.

1 tablespoon of Olive Oil and a squeeze of Lemon Juice.

Mix to form a paste and use as a face scrub.

Baking Soda will exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells and also has antibacterial properties.

Lemon Juice will provide Vitamin C, repair damaged skin cells, reduce oil content plus reduce inflammation.

Olive Oil will hydrate and moisturise your skin so as not to leave your face too dry.

To Help Reduce Breakouts

Use diluted apple cider vinegar, and apply it directly to your face which will help to break down the bacteria leading to the breakouts.

*Please note It can be too harsh for some people so you should use every other week or dilute 1 part to 4 parts water and use as general toner.

For Sensitive Skin/Aloe Vera-Yoghurt

If you are not lucky enough to have your own Aloe Vera plants like me then Aloe Vera gel will work just fine.

Mix 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel with 1 tablespoon of plain yoghurt.

Apply to face for 20 mins.

This is so gentle and soothing.

Aloe Vera will heal and alleviate any sensitivity or inflammation.

Yoghurt will reduce inflammation and brighten your face.

Detox Deep Cleanse/Charcoal-Tea Tree-Clay

1 tsp Bentonite Clay

1 tsp Activated Charcoal Powder 

1 drop of Tea Tree Oil

2 tsp Water

I find the charcoal capsules less messy but you can also use the powder.

Add the tea tree to the water, add the clay then charcoal, mix until a paste is formed.

Apply to the face using a soft bristle brush.

Leave for 20 mins, then wash off with warm water.

The charcoal will absorb impurities and toxins.

The tea tree is a natural antibacterial so will protect and also cleanse your skin.

The bentonite clay will give you a deep cleanse. It will tighten/tone your face but also be deep cleansing and healing, especially if you’re prone to breakouts.

For more on the benefits of Charcoal head over here

Relaxing Lavender Mask

3 tbsp Clay Powder

1 tsp Honey

2-3 drops of Lavender Essential oil

3 tbsp distilled Water

Slowly add the distilled water to the clay powder until you see a paste forming.

Add the honey and Lavender Oil with more water if needed, mix until you get a consistency that’s easy to apply.

Apply to the face using a soft brush.

Leave for 20 mins then rinse off with warm water.

The Lavender is very soothing and extremely relaxing. If you are prone to redness it will also act as an anti-inflammatory and be calming for your skin. 

This face mask will give you antibacterial action plus the clay will draw out any impurities and is perfect for a weekend spa or pamper day at home.

Juices & Herbal Teas To drink For Clear Skin

Herbal Teas come in a range of different flavours and are so good at cleansing the body 

Aloe Vera juice – Anti-bacterial

Pomegranate Juice – Helps to fight bacteria

Green tea – Promotes healing and revives skin cells

Lemon water – Vitamin C in Lemons will clear toxins

Echinacea tea – Helps purify your blood

Ginger Tea – Anti-inflammatory and boosts the Immune system

Peppermint Tea – Slows down oil production

Dandelion Tea – Detoxifies

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