Why Most Diets End In Failure

No willpower, food cravings, distractions, counting Calories, pressure, lack of sleep and stress are the main obstacles when trying to lose weight but can be overcome by 

Setting realistic goals that fit into your lifestyle.

Getting educated about food nutrition.

Finding the right exercise that works for you.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with food.

Enjoying your life without restriction.

Your Diet

To lose weight your diet should be sustainable. You should not be left feeling hungry and deprived. You need to start planning your meals, be flexible not restrictive. Complete restriction of certain foods will only lead to food dissatisfaction, bloating, headaches, irritability and constipation which is something you do not want or need. The more manageable and balanced your diet is the better the likelihood of good results. Balance your plate with lots of veggies, protein and carbs.

The main thing here is to enjoy what you are eating with the added benefit of lots of nutrients. Strive for variety and flavour when choosing a healthy meal plan. Your plate should be colourful and tasty, yet healthy and balanced, so get creative and build your confidence with food. Educating yourself about food is the key to success, follow recipes, and watch tutorials. There are many free resources on youtube. 

Eating high fibre, foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains will keep you fuller for longer and help with weight loss. Bear in mind you will need to cut down on snacks and high-calorie drinks but you can easily replace them with healthier snacks and drinks. If you are feeling down have foods that are high in energy and mood-boosting such as berries, nuts and seeds.


You need to surround yourself with positive people who understand what you are trying to achieve, people that can help motivate and encourage you, not with people that put you down or are not supportive. Remove any negativity from your life and any foods that may tempt you. Start thinking positive by saying to yourself that “I chose to have this” don’t say things like “I’m not allowed this”. If you accept that you need to have balance and better meal preparation the happier you will be and the more likely to keep it going you will be. Don’t worry about the small details like how long it’s going to take to prepare meals just go for it. There are ways to overcome these obstacles. You could start by buying ready sliced veggies and bagged salads and introduce them with every meal with little to no prep needed. Keep a log of anything that may distract you from eating healthy and look for a solution. Allow yourself to have treats, a good way to do this is make the treats non-food related such as a massage or getting a manicure. These small things make a big difference and can help your mental health too.


5 ways I keep motivated to Exercise

Decide why it is you want to lose weight and focus on that.

Set realistic goals (accept that we are only human and can have rest days and still stick to a healthy lifestyle)

Listening to high tempo music while working out (keep it fun and exciting)

Have a coffee or Pre-workout drink to get your energy levels up.

Make sure you provide your body with the right calories to be able to focus.


When trying to lose weight sleep is a major factor in the process. Without a decent night’s sleep, you’re more likely to crave bad foods and increase the risks of diabetes and other metabolic disorders. A poor sleep pattern can cause stress and ultimately cravings for junk food which does not help if trying to lose weight.

A few ways to help

Minimize distractions, such as light or noise from a television.

Turn off Phone notifications and electronics to avoid disturbances.

Invest in a high-quality mattress to achieve the best sleeping posture.

Try to get into a routine of going to bed at the same time every night.


So there are no quick fixes here: Exercise is the main contender for weight loss.

Doing any form of exercise is better than doing none at all. Theirs no need to rush this as the best way to start is to do something small at first to build yourself up. Find what works for you and stick to it. 

Exercise has many benefits other than just weight loss it can 

Boost your mood

Help balance your blood sugar levels

Improve your mental health

Help reduce the risk of heart disease

Help reduce stress levels

Improve your sleep 

Boost your self-esteem

My Conclusion

You do not need to take the enjoyment and fun out of your life to achieve weight loss. Being in control will improve your health and help you reach your goals. 

Weight loss is the result of a good time and stress management, good quality lifestyle, regular exercise, and eating good quality food.

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